12 of 12, June 2014

Today was quite an overcast day.  Eskil has conjunctivitis and despite feeling much better than he did yesterday, it’s such a contagious, nasty thing that I don’t want to take him to playground.  So unfortunately all he could do to run of energy was to drive me bonkers.  It was a stressful day.

We leave for Europe in less than a week, so you’d expect a lot of trip prep photos.  HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Temperature: minimun 9C; maximum 12.4 C
Sunrise 7:38 am; sunset 4:42 pm

This way, daddy!

1 of 12: This way, daddy! Eskil riding Scott’s shoulders to the barber.

Ready for a haircut

2 of 12: Ready for his haircut. This was a stressful haircut! Scott had to head off to work, so the first time there was only one of us to cajole and brace him during the haircut, plus the brilliant barber has retired. It’s not a brilliant haircut, but no one lost and ear or a finger, so I’m calling it a success.

Macaron connoisseur

3 of 12: macaron connoisseur

Making a bed for Monkey George

4 of 12: Making a sort of bed for Monkey. We actually played around with checking out how lighter and heavier things worked with the blanket pulled between the couch and ottoman.

Taking the bin truck to the car

5 of 12: waling the bin truck to the car to pick up daddy. Very, very, very slowly. Very.

Toy selection

6 of 12: Collecting toys in the cafe.

Do the tiger - growl!

7 of 12: do the tiger – growl! (Yes, a Wiggles song/dance.)

Scott's lunch

8 of 12: Scott’s lunch, confit duck pancake with maple dijon bacon, fried egg, and a lemon and pickled onion salad

Nap with my princess while the boy sleeps

9 of 12: nap with my princess while the boy sleeps


10 of 12: mirror. Eskil loves looking at himself in the mirror. If he’s really happy, he wants to see what it looks like; if he’s crying, he wants to see what it looks like. He loves to sing and dance in front of the mirror. How can he resist?


11 of 12: Wiggling. As of about 2 weeks ago, Eskil adores the Wiggles. ADORES THE WIGGLES.

Shortlisting, packing

12 of 12: the spare bedroom has our 3 large bags sitting open, and things we know we are taking are slowly making their way there.