34 Months

Yet another RUSHED post as we prepare to head off overseas.

  • Eskil knows his mind, and his mind usually says RUN! He’s hard to take out as he’s getting so big and heavy to carry, however he cannot be trusted walking by himself as he sprints off.
  • He has even more toys that must accompany him to bed: orange dinosaur, green dinosaur, tiger, bin truck from Aunty Donna, fire book, and as always Bubby Fox and Monkey George. Going away without them all may prove interesting.
  • Eskil has become the world’s biggest Wigglesaholic. The phrase heard in our house most often is ‘More Wiggles’. His favourite is Simon, the red Wiggle. He doesn’t know the old Wiggles, except Anthony of course. He can tell you which Wiggle is which colour.
  • I’m not allowed to call Eskil my baby anymore.  ‘I’m Eskil Big Boy!’  🙁
  • Eskil likes our cars and calls the Yeti his ‘baby’ car and the Vito his big car.  He usually calls things ‘baby’ instead of little or small.
  • Each evening we have a ritual.  It’s developed over time – some parts are at least 2 years old, some only months. Some elements have come and gone, but this is it right now:
    • First mummy says ‘Good night, sweet prince, mummy loves you.  Sleep well, and I’ll see you in the morning!’;
    • Then we sing the off we go to bed song.  The lyrics are ‘Off we go to bed! Off we go to bed! We’re going off to bed! Off we go to bed! Bye, bye, Lottie!  Bye, bye, Mummy! Bye, bye, Daddums – off we go to bed!’
    • Then I arrange all the miscellaneous toys in his cot and tell him to sleep well and GO TO SLEEP!
    • Then Scott helps him say good night to the baby car, the trees, etc, then the prints of MorMor (holding a 5-month-old Eskil) and MorFar.  Then he usually has a cuddle and song – ‘Mum, mum, mummy loves Eskil, etc’ for several verses.  Then to sleep!
  • We’ve been telling him about going away, that we’ll go on airplanes and he’ll see MorMor and MorFar.  Then, because of the canvas print of MorMor holding young Eskil, he gleefully says ‘and Bubby Eskil!’. I wonder if he’ll be disappointed not to see himself in Sweden?!
What do you mean my face is dirty?

What do you mean my face is chocolately?

Tyre swing

Eskil with Monkey George


Eskil's tree

In my defence, it was 23°C

Eskil riding daddy



Under the weeping mulberry

Eskil running after ducks