Two Months Old

Sigh. Eskil’s done it again; he’s a month older! He’s growing at an impossible pace.

In general he’s doing more of the same – and I really mean more. Awake more, aware of more, moving more. He can purposefully bash the toys hanging above him when we put him in his ‘zoo’. He laughs and smiles at us and thinks we’re pretty funny. He sticks out his tongue. And he’s attended his first geocaching event!

Lottie had a brief period of jealousy, which only meant for a week or so she would put her body between us and Eskil when we were paying him particular attention and ask for pats. She doesn’t do it any longer. She runs and checks him out when we call ‘where’s Eskil’.

I’m sure it’s because we’re so tired, but it’s only been this month we’ve figured out a few things we’d normally had clicked with immediately. Such as the fact his disposable nappies have a wetness indicator. What we had been using for wipes was actually a refill pack for a very cleverly designed dispenser, which we now have and love. (It says something about out life now that we can love a wipes dispenser!) Unfortunately he also has had nappy rash occasionally, and we’ve found zinc barrier cream better for it than paw paw balm.

Eskil’s almost too big for the baby bath, especially since he loves to stretch out and swim. So he’s been in the bath and shower with his mum a few times!

Mummy and Lottie are now the full compliment of Eskil’s entourage during the day most days as Daddy has gone back to work. 🙁 We make certain we get out of the house every day (except when Daddy pinches Mum’s keys by mistake). But this means we have had lunch with Daddy and/or friends, gone to medical visits, taken Lottie to the park, and run errands.

Eskil has added more phrases to our dialect:

  • ‘Number 3’ is when number 2s escape the nappy. It doesn’t happen often, but he did manage to do it at Sweet Envy (a cake shop/cafe) when we were there to celebrate him turning 2 months old! That was his first costume change in the back of the car.
  • We’ve found that bibs can be turned around to be a superbaby cape!
  • Eskil’s ‘zoo’ is a baby gym some friends gave us, i.e. one of those things that arches over a mat with toys hanging down so a bub lying underneath can play with them. (All the toys in his are animals, hence the zoo.)

As always, there are a billion photos of Eskil up on Flickr, but here’s a sampling of some from his second month:

[slickr-flickr id=”[email protected]″ api key=”916a33914a83be0bcdfd314f95d72d55
” tag=2monthpost descriptions=on captions=on sort=date flickr_link=on autoplay=off items=12 type=galleria delay=10 size=m640]

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