Crazy, I know! The most exciting part of Eskil’s 5th month was his MorMor was here for all of it. That deserves a post on its own to talk about what we got up to, but for now I’ll just say Eskil and MorMor had a great time getting to know each other. And, um, I took a few photos.

A few new things in Eskil’s life:

  • With 3 adults in the house getting him ready to go to bed each night, when he was geing changed at night he seemed more like a Formula 1 car than a baby on a change mat.  So his change mat is now called his Pit Stop.
  • Eskil rolled front to back then back to front.  Then he seemed to stop doing it.  I guess once he had done rolled it was old hat.  His new obsession is standing!  He loves it.  He doesn’t do it unassisted, and he frequently forgets what he’s doing in the middle and his legs fold.  However he spent a lot of time standing on his MorMor’s lap.  I wouldn’t surprise me if he stands before he crawls, but who knows?
  • Eskil is now eating mashes: iron fortified rice cereal and veggies from our garden.  He’s really just at the tasting and learning stage, but he has some every day.
  • Lottie is fascinating.  Eskil loves staring at her and laughing.  He LOVES wrapping his fingers in her beard – oh no!  She makes him laugh from deep down; she’s the only one of his soft toys that runs around the house and barks.
  • Eskil loves grabbing his toes now.  And staring at his hands as if they are the most fascinating thing ever.  Which for him I guess they are – aside from Lottie.
  • Eskil has laughed for a long time, but even his laugh has matured.  He laughs from his belly, and then it shakes his whole body.  He really is a happy, cheery bub.

It’s just possible that with my mum here I’ve shown even less restrained than usual in selecting ‘a few’ photos.  But these aren’t all I took in the last month – really!

[slickr-flickr id=”21284831@N00″ api key=”916a33914a83be0bcdfd314f95d72d55 ” tag=6monthpost descriptions=on captions=on sort=date flickr_link=on autoplay=off items=12 type=galleria delay=10 size=m640]

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