Not the female slave’s day!!

The day was looking lovely, and there were some caches that have been out for a while that we hadn’t hit (the horror of it!), so off we went early in the afternoon, first stop el golco’s Billy Blinks No More. We didn’t have the hint with us, but where we were getting GZ didn’t look like where it was likely to be, so in between pausing for extended times for muggles my slaves were hunting and hunting, expanding the search as then went. I spent my time distracting muggles with my ability to swim, chase sticks, and be beautiful.


I know she’s only a biped, so poor female slave! As part of expanding her search she went up an embankment a little ways (it was quite easy going), but on her way down she jumped down to a boulder, which quickly gave way and caused her to scrape skin off and slam into rocks her right wrist as well as somehow twisting her left foot and landing rather horribly on her lower back – also jarring her neck as her head whipped forward (or backwards – she was too startled or in shock to really know which it was!). So that was the end of the hunt for THAT cache! The slave’s arm wasn’t in a good way – it kept going cold and was quite painful. So we went to the nearby café and got some refreshments to enjoy while she tried to recover.

The trooper she is, she decided to continue on at a DIFFERENT cache, and we were off to Photo Album. Did I mention it REALLY wasn’t the female slave’s day?! Hunting around on mossy logs that had recently been rained on, she was still a bit unsure of her feet and frazzled. And in moving from one log to another, her foot slipped from the top of the log all down the far side, and she landed straddling the log! All I can say about this one is that it was a good thing it was her and not the male slave. . .The cache was found after too much hunting, my photo added, Caxixi and Swampy admired, and we were on our way. . .

. . .to Tasmaniosaurus. After our run-in with el golco’s cache earlier in the day, I’m not too displeased to say that although she can’t find it, my slaves found this quickly and easily (HA!) whilst I barked instructions from the cacheMobile.

As a post script I thought I’d just mention that the female slave can be a trooper (and stubborn); we returned to Billy Blinks No More on Sunday and found it with the hint in seconds.

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