Melbourne, Day 3

Eskil slept well again, but woke up before 6 am. A little after 7 we headed out to breakfast. Eskil was in a rambunctious mood, and on the walk down Errol Street ensured he found sticks for Mummy and Daddy and Eskil.
Eskil and Monkey walking to breakfast

We had an exciting destination for the day: MELBOURNE ZOO.  The tram went right by our flat, and we were there in just a couple stops.  The zoo had so, so many of the animcals that Eskil has as toys, and now he knows a bit more about them.  He still often turns and says to us ‘lion sleeping’:

Lion's sleeping

The best advice we had was that prams could be rented at the zoo.  Luckily Eskil actually sat in it without running off (most of the time).

Rented a pram at the zoo



Eskil adored every primate we saw.

Being observed


And zebras. . .and elephants. . .oh how he adored the elephants!

Daddy and Eskil on an elephant

Black and White Colobus - sleeping


We had the great opportunity to meet up with our friends Petra, Lee and their daughters Astrid and Nina.  Petra even brought lunch, which was delicious – even Eskil ate it greedily!!

Eskil LOVED the middle eastern pizza Petra brought!

We hadn’t met Nina yet as she was born after they moved to Melbourne, so it was lovely meeting her!

Petra with Nina

It was lovely seeing them all again – Astrid has grown so much but is still the same lovely Astrid.

Lee and Petra with Nina and Astrid

Eskil and Monkey riding Daddy

Unfortunately I had to check into the hospital at 5 pm, so we had to get going – although for non-napping Eskil it had been another long and eventful day!

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