Japan 2015 Day 33: Golden Pavilion, Inari Shrine, and walking around

Weather: beautiful 14°C, high 26°C

Accommodation: Sakara Kyoto.

After a lovely late start to the day, we had a little walk around our neighbourhood to an ATM (7-11).
Exploring our neighbourhood
Stepping Stones, Canal in Higashiyam

Then we caught bus 12, which would take us to the Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) on the other side of Kyoto. (I was thrilled that there was a bus that went there from our neighbourhood! I love buses while traveling.). Our timing was good as the water was really sparkling on the gold leaf covered pavilion, although it was quite crowded. I suspect it it is always crowded!
Scott and E at the Golden Temple
Golden Temple

After wandering through the gardens and grabbing some cool drinks we headed into the city for a coffee break, then to the main train station to head south to the Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine (the tunnels of torii). This is another beautiful but crowded spot, and our visit here means all the photographs we are contractually obligated to take before leaving the country are done.
Fushimi-inari-taisha Shrine
Freshened up
Paper cranes
E and Scott at Fushimi-inari-taisha Shrine
Torii tops
A skulk of foxes

We headed back to ‘our’ part of the city near the river between Shijo-Gion and Sanjo and had a wander around.
Towards Shijo Dori
Pressed tin
Waiting for a taxi

We had dinner at the same tempura place as the night before. We finished everything we ordered, so obviously we didn’t over order. Not at all.
Time to eat!

More photos can be viewed at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cragg-ohlsson/archives/date-taken/2015/10/16/.

E and Scott at Fushimi-inari-taisha Shrine