Easter Caching Ramble – Day 1

This trip was a bit of a rehearsal for my slaves; their next caching trip will be when I send them to the US to score a bunch of finds for me there (oh yeah, and get married).  So I was a bit disappointed when they didn’t spring out of bed before first light, but instead rose late and moved slowly.

3 Turvey girls. . .Our first cache was at Tasmania’s most prolific hider’s 100th hide – robtas’s #100 !  It was a bit ironic that we (non-church goers, both raised by church goers) were pulling up to a church on Good Friday, however heathens that we are we got down to business.  The cache was found ithout too much strife, however it was the area that took centre stage. 

HandsomeMan noticed 3 tombstones, all of young girls, all died within 6 weeks, all Turveys.  It must have been some sort of flu or other illness to take all the children in the family in such a short time – and their mother barely a year later.  We became fascinated with the Turveys, photographing all of their tombs.  (And even looking them up in the phonebook once we got home still several in Buckland, and still Turveys at Oakley. . .).

TWO PAWS UP!!Next was another top robtas cache, TWO THUMBS UP.  As we drove to the cache, roos bounced across the road (and out of view as soon as a camera was out).  The views were stunning, the information board was informative – a great cache.  And other cachers had visited it today, KirKe.

Next was a much anticipated leg-stretch, Old Convict Road.  One of the millions of places I’ve MEANT to check out as I passed but have never had the time.  What a lovely track!  Swimming, history, ruins. . .oh yeah, and a cache!!  On the way out, HandsomeMan found an interesting tree that had notches up it – including in the top that had been lopped off and lay close by.

On to HELL HE CAN WALK, where being the vicious Schnauzer I am I immediately scared off the wild herds of sheep that were gathering.  The HandsomeMan quickly found the cache, then he and I sat to take in the views while the female slave logged.  It was interesting to see that weroamin had started using a bit of a signature item, shells with their name and date.  Nice!

On to an el golco cache – Salt Works.  Great spot – history, views, beach, picturesque ruins.  If only the weather (which earlier had been quite sunny but was now overcast) would cooperate. . .

Having been one of the few cachers to find the last cache in the area, we had pleasant bit of déjà vu at Spiky.  The last hide was quite bold, however was probably muggled by snails.  This multi is well-done and should hopefully last a bit longer!

We arrived at PUMPWELL at around 2pm and decided a spot of lunch would be popular.  While eating, a rental car pulled up, the two occupants when on a sort walk towards the beach, and soon returned.  When we had finished and reached the cache, we saw KirKe had been by today – wonder if that was them while we ate lunch??

Me n the Handsome ManNext was Swansea, to do a walk we haven’t had the pleasure of doing since we were scoping out sites for the Devils’ Day Out.  However as we prepared for our walk at Loontiteternairrelehoiner, the rain that had been threatening since part way through Old Convict Road finally started to come.  Female slave broke out her new Gore-Tex and had a startling discovery:  she had purchased one the same colour as the one Santa gave the HandsomeMan.  They’re certainly going to look silly in the US when it rains!  They found the information necessary to take them to the final cache location, then we headed off.  We had a lovely walk in the rain.  I thought the weather would at least keep the muggles away, however the area was littered with golf muggles of all things.  Luckily the cache itself was hidden in such a way that this mattered little.  It was found, logged, replaced, and we returned to the cacheMobile to continue our journey.

Our journey now took us to The Lost City of Cairns.  Ever since I saw this cache listed I’ve especially wanted to do it;  I found the idea of Cairns out in the bush just so cool!  I was so excited about the idea of the cairns I forgot that there’s also a fabulous view and a waterfall nearby!  Well, the weather took care of the views.  We could just barely make out Coles Bay in the distance, but I’m sure it must be stunning on a clear day.  We quickly found the cache, I made my cairn, then we took the track to the waterfall.  Well, despite the rain today there wasn’t any water to make up the waterfall so we didn’t even try the track to the rock pools.

Next, off to Too Steep to Log.  A pelting shower of rain came just as we arrived at the car park, and as it wasn’t too long to sundown, I decided to send my slaves off into the rain and bark instructions.  They headed off and risked their lives in the slick wet mud to log the cache for me. The cache was quickly found, the view of the falls taken in (there was actually water in these), and they returned just as the rain shower was abating (HA!).  This would be a lovely place to camp, and there were already 2 sets of muggles huddling out of the rain and warming themselves in the shelters.  But we moved on. . .

Why is Wombat Poo Square?  That was the question that now faced us.  We pulled in, and although the light was failing it wasn’t raining, so I forced the slaves to hunt the cache.  It was definitely one of those cases where the distance indicated by the GPSr was rather deceptive.  We arrived at GZ in failing light, however my female slave found the cache.  We attempted, unsuccessfully, to get some photos, then returned to the cacheMobile and retired for the evening.

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