Early evening trip to Alloy Overhang & CP HQ

Well, my slaves are finally getting their priorities right! Tonight instead of arriving home from work and immediately becoming involved with insignificant tasks such as cooking, cleaning, relaxing, etc they stopped by the house only long enough to change their clothes and harness me up! I was soon in cacheMobile2 with the female slave, the HandsomeMan, and the youngest human.

Only problem was. . .the female slave forgot something of significance: the coordinates! A quick text message to Mrs CP had Swampy helping us out (remind me not to leave my phone near him!) and Mr CP hoping they’d confused us (really, even the female slave isn’t THAT thick! ).

We arrived in merry spirits at my favouritest beach, where the humans pawsed to build up their energy levels with a sushi dinner, then I galloped along the beach, past the first cache I hid, then made for the track. We had brought the youngest human (not a slave), and he was a boon to the trip as he hid in trees (he’d make a great cache container), ran, threw things, and generally was fun along the track.

GPSr batteries finally died 12m from the cache (but they last really well!), and although we had a new set with us they weren’t really necessary – Alloy Overhang was soon MINE! Fantastic views from this location, but we headed back to the beach so that I could do some intense bouncing with the youngest human. YEAH!!! It was funny, however, watching the female slave returning on the track. She became involved in an SMS conversation with Mrs CP and kept misplacing her steps and coming off the track – probably not the safest thing to do on this track, but hilarious nonetheless.

After my bounce on the beach we parked cacheMobile#2 on a suburban street for some strange reason. I was abandoned for hours and hours; the slaves must have gotten hopelessly lost as I was yelling and yelling and it took them forever to come back. We eventually made it home, where I did my best to deposit any beach sand I still had hidden in my fur all over the house in punishment (and just because it’s fun). But a much better evening than if we’d just stayed home!

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