Day 9: Goodbye Pape’ete, Hello MV Discovery

Our last morning Chez Myrna. We breakfasted, packed, then moved our luggage into the common area. TS, Dad and I went for a walk down our street in the opposite direction to town, however TS was feeling ill so turned back, and who could blame her as today was, if possible, even hotter than the previous days! We ventured a bit further on and the street became rather industrial, then dad turned back as he needed plumbing. I continues up the hill, which isn’t as stupid as it sounds. As I went up the hill I was getting into jungle rather than just industrial street, and it was much cooler and lovelier. However I didn’t go far before returning, and Walter gave us a lift to the ship just before noon. We were not able to board yet but were able to leave our luggage. So what to do – head for les 3 Brasseurs! We had pizza lunch and beer. And sat and tried to catch a breeze. And ventured out for postcards and then back for some beer.

We boarded the ship at about 3pm and were put into wait mode again – however at least we were waiting in air conditioning. We went to our cabins at about 5pm, got our cruise cards, showered, and went to validate our cards. As we were leaving for dinner we met our steward, Flor, who was extremely nice and polite and proved to be quite attentive and friendly throughout the cruise. He, like the majority of the stewards, waiters, and waitresses, is Pilipino. Dinner was casual and free seating; we were seated with Margie and Greg – Greg, a rather superior ex-Xeroid, and Margie, a rather superior cow.