Day 8: Bloody hot and sunny

I woke up early again. Before 7am. It hadn’t been an eventless night: I had fallen out of bed during the night somehow and, now this is the tricky bit, landed on the floor with my bed on top of me. But it didn’t wake up TS 🙂

Chez Myrna, TS & I share a room with ensuite. Unfortunately the shower sprays the entire room. Mum & Dad have a room off the other side of the living room, but the kitchen, lounge, dining room, and other bathroom are all shared with 2 other rooms that are rented out, one unoccupied until the day we left and one occupied by a French lad doing an internship in town. Breakfast is on a roofed terrace in the ‘L’ of the main house. For breakfast we have fresh baguette with French butter and instant coffee, tea, or Milo – and water! Somehow that sounds a bit more dire than it is! In ‘our’ fridge, on the porch outside the kitchen, there were re-useable water bottles. We would fill up the bottles and put them in the fridge, however they didn’t get terribly cold! Before we left on our day’s adventures, dad hoofed it to the shop and bought some beer for later that night. Legend!

This being Sunday, we took le Truck into town. [Le Truck costs 130 each way during the day and 200 at night.] We headed for le Marché du Pape’ete.Marche du Pape'ete Downstairs was full of fruit and baskets and other useful items for the locals, whereas upstairs has the artisan items. We walked around until it was too hot to exist, then retrieved under the fans of the café to have cool Cola Lite; one might almost not expire! This became a command post for those venturing out into the heat and shopping. I bought a pareu and a necklace (Tiare Tahiti in mother of pearl). TS bought a shirt. It was too hot to keep up with mum! Just give her some shopping and she comes round!

We grabbed some sandwiches and gateau de cooc and ate in the Place where the Roulandes collect of an evening. It was hot, and the afternoon shower rolled over the hills and missed us. Dad and I took some photos of the travel bugs as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to any of the caches on Tahiti, and then we went from shop to shop searching for air conditioning. Us at les 3 Brasseurs

In the end we gave up pretending and settled at les 3 Brasseurs, having 3 Aubrée and one Blonde (TS). I took some photos of the TB Michel enjoying a brewsky. We must have been pretty punchy in the heat as my journal now says ‘Dad has a really long chest hair he must not chop off in case there is a freak show/chest hair contest on the cruise’. Oh dear!
When les Roulandes were open, we explored around but in the end settled at the same place as the night before. Everyone had steak except Disa, who have the poisson cru. It was beginning to feel a bit homey; we saw our friends mousey and the waitresses recognised us and were very nice and smiley.