Day 5: Farewell Freycinet

The final day of our extra long weekend of visits to two of Tasmania’s national parks.  Today we had to check out from our luxurious spa cabin at Freycinet Lodge (sigh), planned to hit another trail, and then needed to make our way home to Hannah and Snuva.


Coles Bay from the Mt Amos track

After yet another restless night’s sleep (are we that unaccustomed to luxury?), we rose, showered (not ‘cuz we needed to, just because we COULD), and packed up most of our belongings.  We had a leisurely breakfast, took some photos from Freycinet Lodge’s pier, then returned to our cabin to pack our belongings into the van and say our good-byes to our lovely home for the past two days. 

Back to the Freycinet peninsula trails car park, this time to take the trail to the summit of Mt Amos.  In terms of distance covered, the Mt Amos track is much shorter than the loop track we’d taken the day before.  Mt Amos is part of the range of granite mountains, known as the Hazards, which dominate Coles Bay. The track to the summit is steep and at times requires some rock climbing skills, but as it leads to a summit Disa hoped she could score a trig point.  The track starts off fairly tamely, then gets more and more challenging.  Except that it was granite, the steep climbs over sheets of bare rock in the dry, warm sun reminded us a bit of some of the walks we took while travelling in the western US. And we were looking forward to the panoramic views from the top. 

And the views were stunning – even though there was no trig point.  It was a strenuous enough slog that summiting would have felt worthwhile even without the views, but when the views are this good you really can’t complain.  The track was steep enough that Disa did a fairly high percentage of it sliding downhill on her bottom.  The trip down was faster than the trip up.

The petrol tank was low enough that we actually zipped into Coles Bay to fill up before taking the short drive to Cape Tourville.  We walked around the lighthouse admiring the views, then stopped for a bit of lunch at Sleepy Bay.  Then after a brief stop at the Visitor’s Centre, it was time to make the drive home to Hannah and Snuva.

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