Day 12: at sea again

Seems today was my day to sleep in while TS left for brekkie! One minute I look at my clock and it’s 7am and TS is just across the room; the next minute it’s 8am and she’s gone. 🙂 I went upstairs and found dad and TS in the Yacht Club finishing breakfast. After food I went to the library to read the newspaper and write in my journal. There were a few preparatory eclipse lectures on today, so attended them between my busy schedule of reading, going to the gym, swimming, and reading. We all lunched at 12:30 to fit into our lectures, then had dinner at the Yacht Club at 8.30. I think being that much further up (the Lido is the 2nd highest deck) didn’t do mum’s head and tummy much good; she wound up going back to the cabin early.

I’ve mentioned how dinner is organised in an earlier post. For the Yacht Club, you just need to make a reservation at the reception desk. It has a different menu from the main dining room (although it doesn’t change every evening like in the main dining room), and you can make a reservation at a time other than your usual seating time. The service and atmosphere is more formal.

When we returned to our cabins, we had an extra information sheet on Pitcairn Island and the dangers of going down the rope ladder over the side of the ship to their longboat!