Day 11: 1st full day at sea

Our first full day at sea. I woke really early but didn’t want to wake TS while getting my things. I gave up at 8.30 and shouldn’t have worried; she slept. I headed for the Lido and somehow miss TS when she cam up; dad ate downstairs. I went to a cooking demo, then an introductory lecture at 11.15. e all met up for lunch at 1pm on the Lido deck (where we can get into the air conditioning of the Yacht Club!). Went down to the desk to sign up for Pitcairn Island stamp in my passport.

After lunch I did a bit of wash in our cabin, then took some of it up with me next to the pool so it could dry faster in the sun. Read for a while then got into the pool. I LOVED it. It’s 29°, salty sea water, and of course gets the same swells as the sea. But I felt a bit ill when I was first getting out!

Went back to the cabin, showered and read there for a while. This was the Captain’s welcome – a formal evening – so luckily TS’s dress was delivered back early; the cousin of our steward Flor had hemmed it for her. Captain Erik was quite personable and introduced the senior officers. Mum wasn’t well so went back to the cabin early and we brought back mushroom consume, vanilla ice cream, and water for her.