Bathroom Reno: Day 8

It is hard to tell from the photo, but progress HAS been made.  There are more coats of waterproofing (which is why the photo is taken from the door rather than the usual spot further in the room).  And measurements were done and floor tiles have started to be cut.

I’m begining to wonder if keeping this completely ‘basin free’ is the best idea.  Over the weekend, the slaves really started to stink up the place with their human pong.  I of course smell fantastic – I just roll in dry dust, shake myself off, and that’s me sorted.  But a summer weekend of painting didn’t do great things for the slaves.  They shower at work, but holidays could get REALLY long!  I’ll have to talk to Peter about getting nice sludgy mud piped in instead of that clear water which must be a cheap imitation (leave it to humans not to be able to smell the difference!).  Cornelian Bay wouldn’t be far to pipe the water in from.

And speaking of Cornelian Bay, we had a cold but nice Haunt this evening.  We had the chance to meet Mike and Linda of Captain Digby’s Team, and Sog n Paulus and the Cheesy Pigs were there too.  It was so warm yesterday, why is it cold for Haunting?  At least I had a bounce in the water – last week I was kept on the lead.  I don’t know why they felt they needed me on the lead the whole time – they said something about it being because the basin thing wasn’t working and I couldn’t be ‘cleaned’ when we got home.  Whatever!