August 2004

Nothing much went on in July other than some research for future caches, which pays off in early August with A Walker Tour of Hobart. This is Snuva’s favourite cache that she has set so far. A multi cache with a lot of thought put into it – and Team Tweeti helped by running it before listing to eliminate the mere human’s mistakes and making some great suggestions. On ya, Tweet!
Team Tweeti had asked us to check out Polar Bear Swim because it looked like earthworks in the area had destroyed the cache. We investigated and miraculously the cache location was dozed, but we were able to find the container! So we moved it to a new location, the cache owner updated the coordinates, and Team Tweeti was able to log it.

While taking a visit to another one of her favourite bouncing places, Snuva leaves 11.265 Kilometre View behind.

To make up for the lack of activity in the previous month, Snuva visits the Tasman Peninsula and finally is able to log South Tasmania 1; she’s been here before, but that was BGC (Before GeoCaching). Snuva then goes on a nice long walk and sets Basic Brown. What a beautiful spot! However Snuva was a bit annoyed with the mere human for being slow in taking coordinates; it was such a windy day she thought she would be blown away! In a tacky place near some sites of beauty now lies Doo-doo DOO DOOOOO!!. Again, Snuva wasn’t pleased while setting this cache; being a poor puppy she is close to the ground and the horrendous wind kept blowing sand in her eyes. And speaking of Poor Puppies!, Snuva left this one in an area of history and a beautiful bouncing beach.

Poor puppies!