27 Month Review

Another month down, so it is time to review mummy and daddy’s progress and my Eskillence again:

  • As of this past month, mummy is now home with me on Thursdays and Fridays.  Well done, mummy!  This is taking some adjusting, and I still don’t understand why daddy works in his office those days.  It does make me wonder why I go back to day care when Mondays come around again, but we’re adjusting.  Mummy is also adjusting to not trying to get us to do ALL THE THINGS on Thursdays and Fridays.  The first week she was home with me those days she ran me ragged with adventures.
    Rating: Eskillent!
  • I’ve liked stuffed toys in the past, however I have become obsessed with my Monkey, aka Curious George.  I like to play bedtime with him, take him with me in the car, put him to sleep, roll around on my truck with Monkey on board, hold him up to himself while we read his book, etc.  Mummy has gotten me more books featuring Monkey George, however I haven’t adjusted to them yet.  I love Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery, which has an inscription about ME and MorFar, MorMor, and my MorBro.
    Rating: MY Monkey.
  • I am a bit concerned about the car situation.  I loved playing in our car, but we’ve gotten 2 new ones in the past month.  Daddy doesn’t want me driving them!  What is this ‘new’ and why does it mean no driving?!
    Rating: Needs improvement; where’s my car!
  • My vocabulary is expanding, but mummy has problems with how I say some words.  She doesn’t seem to mind that I say ‘hope’ instead of ‘soap’ and that broken things are ‘moken’.  However see seems a bit tense when I yell dick (stick), fucklift (forklift), etc in public.
    Rating: MY turn.
  • I’ve gone through several stages with how I address Lottie.  I used to call her Lottie, which camed out sometimes sounding like ‘Hercule’.  Then for a long time I called her ‘dog’ or ‘doggie’.  I’m back to calling her ‘Lottie’, however it no longer sounds like I’m calling her a Belgian detective.  We play a bit more, but she still freaks me out a bit if she’s getting too excited.  However at the dog beach I like everyone to know that she is MY Lottie dog; I told all the other dogs.
    Rating: Lottie!
  • I can now count up to 3, and I love saying number words.
    Rating: two – three – seven – five – nine!
  • I have a long memory when it comes ot where a digger has been.  There haven’t been any in our neighbourhood for 2 months, but I still say ‘digger gone!’ when we go down Darcy Street.
    Rating: Hooray for DIGGA!
  • My throwing arm is pretty darn good.  One day we had been at the train park, then drove home for my nap.  But when we got home, mummy and daddy couldn’t find my shoes – haha!  Mummy drove back along the route we’d driven, and she found my shoes plus the insoles (which I had removed but also thrown) on Macquarie Street.
    Rating: way to go me!
  • It is my responsiblility to dance to the characters’ introduction songs during the nightly In the Night Garden viewing.  Then mummy helps Monkey do Iggle Piggle’s closing number and puts Monkey to bed (unless he’s coming with me), and then as mummy says her good bye words I turn daddy’s head so she alternates between giving him a kiss and giving me a kiss.  Then it’s time for the Off We Go to Bed song.  Daddy takes me to my room, and I suggest different people can can incorporate into my final bedtime song (this delays me having to get into my cot; I don’t think daddy realises this).  When I am ready to sleep, I point imperiously at my cot and have an 11 to 12 hour rest.
    Rating: ZZZzzzzzzzz.
  • I love hammers.
    Rating: HAMMA!

And now a few photos of me.

Eskil wanted his photo taken with Makka

Silly faced Eskil with Daddy

Eskil checking out the lights in the new van

Daddy was swinging from a pole, so Eskil thought he'd grab a ride


Eskil likes being CARRIED at the beach

Eskil and Scott at the beachin Orford

Eskil in overalls mummy made

At the playground in Triabunna

Last drive in the Magna

Eskil fell asleep while we test drove the Skoda Yeti

Eskil and mummy

Public art is for BIG JUMPING

Eskil and Monkey at the Playground

Eskil and Monkey Swinging

Scott, Monkey, and Eskil playing 'bedtime'

Digger - and digger man

Happy in the pool

Fire Engine!

Climbing to Monkey

Playing 'bedtime' with Monkey

Zoomed in from far away

Poppy Boney and Eskil

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