12 of 12, March 2015

Weather: sunny, Low 11.6 C; Hi 20.
Sunrise: 7:02 am
Sunset: 7:38 pm

Autumn has arrived! It is a Thursday again, another mummy and Eskil day. First we dropped Scott off at work, then we headed to Lenah Valley for some geocache maintenance.
1 of 12: Ancanthe
We found another cache, then as we were driving off Eskil said he needed to pee. Oh well – last weekend he learned about having a wee while out bushwalking, so no worries. This was my view while he was otherwise occupied.
2 of 12: Pit stop
Next we headed to the location of another geocache, which we didn’t find. However it was at a playground, so we had a bit of fun going up and down the slide.
3 of 12: E and mummy ready to slide after Tiger and Monkey
I’ve wanted to see the new Tasman Bridge Disaster sculpture – plus I needed to visit it for information for a puzzle / multicache hybrid, so we have a quick trip over the bridge.
4 of 12: Disaster, Resilience, Recovery
Our next stop was at the cache near home. They serve Jaffas with coffees. I hate Jaffas, but Eskil adores them. Some of the wait staff already know I like to get 2 Jaffas with my coffee. Eskil calls them ‘red bitings’.
5 of 12: Red biting
Having woken up at 6:30, Eskil was already yawning. So I let him watch Toy Story 2 before having a nap.
6 of 12: Toy Story 2. Sigh.
I was absolutely exhausted, so when Eskil went down for his nap, I did as well. Lottie thought she’d join me. (Well, to be honest, Lottie was already napping before Eskil!)
7 of 12: Nap time view
We have no idea why Eskil calls this ‘scary baby’, but he does!
8 of 12: Scarry baby!
Before going for a late afternoon walk, we headed to the grocer for dinner ingredients.
9 of 12: At the grocer
On Thursday afternoons, Eskil and I have been walking to meet Scott as he comes home from work. It’s not easy as Eskil’s only learning how to be civilised off lead; Lottie is there as an example. After the decent length bushwalk he did Monday (that blog post is still to come!), I thought we’d leave earlier so we could walk longer before meeting up with Scott. As it happened we missed Scott – he wasn’t expecting us to come so far and had deviated from our usual route. It all came right in the end.
10 of 12: A little walk
Walking home with daddy. Or, well, outsourcing the walking part.
11 of 12: Walking home
Eskil loves checking the post and deciding who he thinks should get what envelope.
12 of 12: The post