12 of 12, August 2011

This 12 of 12 is like no other as 6 days before I gave birth to our son, Eskil Magnus. This was Eskil’s 2nd day at home after leaving hospital on Wednesday the 10th. And our friends Mundoo and FlitterbyG were visiting. There’s lots of blurry photos, but that’s a fairly accurate reflection of the day! We were home for most of the day but did venture out to Churros Cafe and take Lottie for a walk at Cornelian Bay. Which thoroughly exhausted me!!

The guy who started the project blogs here; these photos are also up on Flickr here.

At the moment something seems to be wrong with the photos; the script isn’t pulling all of them into the set and they’re out of order. You can see them in their correct order if you go to Flickr! Sorry!

[slickr-flickr id=”[email protected]″ api key=”916a33914a83be0bcdfd314f95d72d55
” tag=12of12Aug2011 descriptions=on captions=on sort=date flickr_link=on autoplay=off items=12 type=galleria delay=10 size=m640]

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