12 of 12, April 2015

On the 12th of April 2015 we were off on a quick jaunt to Bruny Island for our dear friend Caz’s birthday. She’s rented a holiday house on the island, and it was great fun! Too bad the ferries weren’t running to schedule; it meant we were quite late.

Bread is ready to party

1 of 12: I was up early getting bread and 3 different dips ready to party!


2 of 12: Kettering, where we would be catching the Bruny Island Ferry

Waiting for the ferry

3 of 12: we’d just missed a ferry (they weren’t running to schedule) so after grabbing coffee the boys looked for crabs under rocks

The most Australian photo

4 of 12: finally on the island and at our friend’s party, here’s the most Australia photo you can take.

Kangaroo highway

5 of 12: The 2nd most Australia photo you can take. It was like a kangaroo highway!

Caz racing the timer

6 of 12: Caz racing! Had she left her wine? Had someone stolen her selfie stick?

Birthday cake!

7 of 12: birthday cake!

Grass trees

8 of 12: grass trees

Sheep on Bruny Island

9 of 12: sheep on Bruny

Boarding the Mirambeena

10 of 12: Boarding the Mirambeena

Heading home

11 of 12: the Tasmanian mainland from the ferry

Almost home

12 of 12: almost home