October 2004 – Last Weekend of the Month

Saturday There aren’t many caches in the south Snuva hasn’t’ yet done, but after last weekend’s excitement it would be too much of a let-down not to do any! So off we went down the Huon. We did some reconnaissance for future places to stash a cache and had a go at finding Airwalk. No luck. We’re pretty certain we found the right place, but after digging around for a while we became a bit uncomfortable with how much we needed to disturb the environment to find this one so gave up. Lovely place if you’ve never been though! We thought we’d place a cache at Russell Falls, but then found (after a long journey involving a lot of logging roads – and spotting a bold echidna!) that access is closed off. At the Airwalk visitor centre they say it will be available again soon. Also had a look at The Big Stump Butt, which Snuva assumed as a monument to her in the manner of the Golden Guitar, etc but it proved to be a bit too rotten to want to place a cache and have people risk their limbs. Hrumph. We had much better luck and finally scored Clicker and Carvel on the way home. There are some quality swaps in this one! Snuva grabbed some water balloons for use in Swansea! Some more reconnaissance, but not time to do the bush walk we wanted to do to stash a cache.
Sunday Off we went mid morning, and Three Thumbs Up! was soon ours! Snuva gives the views 4 paws! The trail was a bit indistinct at places, but we had a GPS and a fix on GZ, so what else could you want? On our way home we placed Damn Ducks – coming soon to a secondary site nearyou!