Mid November – the big 5-0!

No caches in the Hobart area for Snuva to find except for The Dragon’s Lair, which Snuva isn’t equipped for, and Malbena pleases the princess by setting his first cache! We attempted it on Sunday, however were unable to get all the information to complete it (although we tried anyway!), so on Monday the 15th at lunch the slaves stole away and found it! This was a fantastic cache – especially for a first cache! And, of course, we’ve always meant to come here.

Having whinged to Malbena that here we were stuck on 49 finds and no more to do, the slaves were surprised and pleased on Tuesday to see a cache listed just after 5pm – another Malbena cache! They headed home for the Snuvster, then immediately across to The Russians are Coming! Finally our 50th! And a FTF as well! A great cache location too; we had been planning one here, but this worked out much better for us! We sent orac7000 an SMS to ensure the Tweets knew there was a new cache to find (safe to do so now that we’d found it) and got some French bubbly on the way back home and toasted Malbena!