Japan 2015 Day 36 and 37: arigatō -avocado if you’re Eskil- and farewell

Weather: beautiful 14°C, high 29°C

Accommodation: Sakara Kyoto.

Our last day. We woke up to doing our last showers, packing, and tidying our accommodation. After our (planned) shopping spree in Kyoto we needed to pack all 3 of our bags for the trip home. Eventually we were all finished, checked out, and headed out for breakfast at our favourite local breakfast spot.

Le bac à sable

After a relaxed breakfast we were off to the subway to make our way to the train. I had been tempted to take the bus, but although it is a direct route it can be busy. Scott thought the subway was a better option, and he was right! Although we had to make a connection, the Eskilators in the stations made it reasonably painless. From Kyoto train station we headed to Osaka. At Osaka station it took a while to figure out where we were headed, but predictably we first went to Starbucks for coffee and a rest. I’d highlighted a few things we might want to do (there was so much to do in Kyoto that we hadn’t done anything in Osaka yet!), but with our bags, etc we decided to just spend a relaxed time at Tokyu Hands (for a change) then head to the airport before the evening rush hours.

I had told Scott about this crazy sauna suit that I’d seen at other Tokyu Hands, but he finally could see it for himself!

Scott feeling the sauna suit

Have fun sweating!
Have fun sweating!

I’m fairly certain this photo was taken when my camera was bumped, but it sums up a lot of our trip! We did a lot of travel by train, and there were a lot of Eskilators in those train stations!
I think this was a mistake, but it sums up a lot of our trip

Eventually it was time for the last train ride of our trip.
Final train

We had coffee and played with Eskil’s toys until we could check in for our flight – hooray our big bags were gone! Then we checked out dinner options and had a lovely (aside from a cranky boy) final meal in Japan.
Ready to fly

We had an endlessly long flight. At least Eskil slept on it.
Someone slept on the 1st flight

We had a stopover in Cairns. It was quite awful. It was rather disorganised, and after the politness of the Japanese some of our fellow Australian passengers were difficult to take. Eskil found the bags dropping hilarious!
E found the bags dropping hilarious. BONK!

We had to walk from the international terminal to the domestic terminal, where we had breakfast then waited. About 6,000 hours later we boarded and flew to Melbourne. Eskil made certain to carry out his Melbourne airport tradition.
A Melbourne airport tradition

It wouldn’t be a Hobart flight without someone we know on it, and our friend Prem was on our flight. He had been in Japan as well, so it was nice to say hello. Eventually, wonderfully, we arrived home. Eskil had finally fallen asleep on the flight, then fell asleep in the taxi. And wanted to stay in the taxi when we arrived home. But then we were home with our puppy!
Lottie approves

More photos can be viewed at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cragg-ohlsson/archives/date-taken/2015/10/20/ and at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cragg-ohlsson/archives/date-taken/2015/10/21/.

Ready to fly