Japan 2015 Day 06: Ginza, Ito Ya, and the Imperial Palace

Weather: overcast and humid: low 18°C, high 24°C

Accommodation: Kimi Ryokan
We had breakfast at the Anderson at our train station again.
Curry doughnut breakfast
Today's favourite food

We took the Yamanote train to Yūrakuchō station and walked to the Ito Ya Ginza store. We explored for a few hours! My but we love this shop!!
Ito Ya Ginza
Always moving
We got:

  • Lots of Midori Traveller’s Notebook stuff (pen holder, monthly books)
  • Erasable Frixon pens (they are like magic)
  • A silver Lamy pen!!
  • Digger stickers and monkey socks for Eskil
  • Pens for Scott and Scott’s work friends
  • Post its
  • ETC

When we left we started walking towards the Imperial Palace. Eskil fell asleep in the carrier, so we had a bit rest at Starbucks (hooray for iced coffee!). We walked to the north of Tokyo station. We were all a bit hungry, so we went to the food court under Daimaru. Scott and I got bread rolls, and Eskil got a cupcake bigger than his head!
E eating a cupcake larger than his head. And torso.
We couldn’t find anywhere to sit to eat our purchases and wound up on benches near the Imperial Palace.
Imperial Palace, Nijubashimae
We walked around the Imperial Palace and moats area, then back to Yūrakuchō train station where we made our way back to Ikebukuro on a very busy train.
Babasaki Moat
We dropped our things at Kimi, then went to our usual restaurant.
Old Favourite Again

More photos can be viewed at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cragg-ohlsson/archives/date-taken/2015/09/18/.