December 2004

Although we had hoped to get to it on the way back from the Devil’s Day Out, it was actually a few weeks before we could attempt TeamTweeti’s first cache. We left our first attempt with nothing but scratches, scrapes, and a twisted paw or two. We also attempted Lone Wolf & Cub that day – again with no success although we walked the 8km uphill yo need to do to get to WPT2 when Forestry has closed it’s gate. (Well, one of the slaves made it to the top – the other had had a stomach bug that week so stayed about 1km from the top vomiting!) A week later a short search revealed Holey Holey Holey; and just in time! When we logged it on the web, CraigRat had been there too on the same day! If we had slept in more we might not have been FTF.