Day 24: Pisco

We were at Pisco today; took better part of an hour on a bus to get ot town from the port, we walked around a few blocks, then took thel ong bus ride back. When we got off the bus, we were let off at the main square of town and told not to go more than 2 blocks from the square. We were walking along at about that limit, but on our way back, and a guy came up to us telling us not to go further away from the square – too dangerous! Doesn’t bode well for Peru – but we’re having an adventure!

So we got back to the MV Discovery fairly early. We still had some Hinano beer from Tahiti and we bought a few beers at the souvenir stalls on the quay. We asked our steward Flor for some ice and had a taste test! Always important to do the research and know what beer we’ll prefer drinking!

Last night on board. Lots of packing to be done. For the rest of the trip we’ll have to pack, unpack, carry baggage – not having to do all that stuff was one good thing about being on a cruise!

I’m hoping the Cuzco will be a bit nicer than Pisco; I’m expecting great things from the capital of the Incan Empire (and at least a virtual cache at Machu Picchu!). . .