Windy Outside the House as Well

Hobart can be windy.   Very windy.   All our geocaches start of with ‘S42°’; we are in the roaring 40’s.  But today’s wind was a bit strong even for Hobart, getting up to 120 kms per hour (75 miles per hour for the metric-challenged).  I was expecting our roof to be gone or something large – like the van – to have blown away.   As we pulled into our road I immediately noticed that a large tree was missing from a neighbour’s front garden.  Which is strange because Scott noticed that we had a large part of one of our trees all over ours!

Poor tree.  It was poisoned by a neighbour who doesn’t like trees (or humans, or dogs. . .).  Not to be defeated, we’ve left the dead carcass of tree where it stands.  We had plans to mosaic the whole thing but never got around to it.  So now we have a climbing rose starting its way up.  But today while we were at work the largest upright branch snapped off – and fell onto the wire connecting the house to the grid.  One neighbour phoned Hydro, and another lifted the branch off and cut it up.  I’m really surprised Lottie didn’t burrow her way through the front window with all the excitement.  There will be a mulching party this weekend!

Wind Damage to Tree

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