Visitors from the Mainland

Lottie at work, trying to cover up treats she is saving for laterIt will seem odd to begin a post with that title by showing a photo of Lottie.  However in order to not suffer from Extreme Dog Guilt, if I’m going out at night I like Lottie to join me at work during the day if at all possible.  At the moment it is often possible.  I work on the ground floor of an office building.  As there are shops and things on the street frontage and the building backs up to a parking garage, our office has no windows.  It’s a rather ugly, filthy, and forgotten bit of office space.  And as the only occupants of this choice space are my work team – and as my manager is a very nice, easy going guy (don’t worry – he doesn’t read this so won’t get a swollen head) – it’s very feasible for Lottie to come in on Fridays or at other times when it makes life easier.  So today Lottie came to work so she doesn’t have to spend all day as well as all night alone.

Unfortunately she’s familiar with my office, so she’s not very excited to be here.  At home she’s overjoyed when she realises her toys and treats are being packed in my backpack.  Her joy spills over into dance when she realises her suspicions are true and her harness and lead are being taken out of her drawer.  Once in the car she uses the electric switch to put down ‘her’ window [back seat, passenger (left) side] so she can car surf.  She takes time out of car surfing to put her nose between Scott and I and thank us for the trip.  We’re given the occasional kiss.  And she joyfully stretches out and rolls on the back seat before car surfing again.

After we arrive in the CBD and say good farewell to Scott, she trots excitedly down the footpath.  Then we get to the door of my office.  She’s happy enough to go through, she’s happy enough to run into my team’s shared room and say hello to her friends (especially Naomi, who often gives her treats).  But then the excitement is over and she flops down on the floor beside me for a sleep.  Hrumph.  The most fun she had today was trying to hide treats under her blanket ‘for later’.  She’s not very good at this: first she burys them under the blanket using her nose, then uncovers it by mistake using her paw.  She can spend a disturbing amount of time repeating this!

Lottie bouncing at Princes Park, Hobart  Salamance Place 

Scott met up with our PTSB friends for Friday nite drinks, and I took Lottie for a walk around Battery Point and to a new geocache, Antarctica TB Travel Lounge.  It’s rather a shame it wasn’t published a week or so ago as my brother-in-law headed down to Casey Station then; he might have given a TB a visit.  After the quick find on the cache we made our way to the cacheWagon, and I drove Lottie home.

Taj! at Tandoor & Curry House, HobartThen the main event!  Our friend Helen was down for a short visit to Hobart with her two children.  Helen’s down once or twice a year on average.  She’s originally from Hobart and has lots of family in Tassie; in true Tasmanian style, one of my geocaching friends is a relative of hers.  We don’t meet up with her son and daughter as often, so I was so shocked when I saw them!  They’ve both somehow successfully navigated that strange transformation from child to adult.  So the two kids I last saw a couple years ago were ‘suddenly’ good looking humans with interesting lives and conversation.  I’m so glad they came for dinner!

Over the holidays the three of them had visited Tokyo!  Scott and I LOVED Tokyo when we were there, so we were eager to hear what they had done and what they liked and disliked.

Dinner was at the Tandoor & Curry House on Harrington Street.  It’s an important bit of ‘Scott & Disa’ history as it was the venue for our first non-date; the plaque must be out for polishing as I didn’t see it on the front of the building.  Scott encouraged us all to have the banquet, which is an insane amount of really great food.  Insane.  We ate for a long time.  We chatted between courses.  Towards the end of the evening we were groaning with the outward pressure being felt by the walls of our poor digestive systems.  However it was all good, so we kept shovelling it in!

Another great thing about dining at the Tandoor & Curry House is you can visit one of the Wonders of Hobart – their marble model of the Taj Mahal – lit from the inside!  Apparently it isn’t paper: it actually is marble.  I now don’t feel I need to visit the real thing.

Eventually we could neither fit more food into our bodies nor stay awake much longer, so we said our good-byes.  And if you’re ever passing that block of Harrington Street on a Friday evening and wonder ‘is it?’ we can confirm: yes, it’s that sort of ‘Les Girls’ in the club behind the restaurant.  Another of the Wonders of Hobart; they seemed to be having fun!