The Moët et Chandon of Waters

Lottie, licking water off the shower screenYes, that’s right, according to Lottie the sweet waters of Epernay actually spring up from our shower.  Snuva thought so too, and when 2 out of 2 Schnauzers think the same thing it must be fact! 

What is this obsession with licking water from the bottom of the shower door?  According to the comments to my status update on Friendface, apparently cats engage in this behaviour as well. 

When Lottie had a sick tummy over the holidays this shower-water fixation actually had benefits (sort of).   I was worried that she would become dehydrated, so I kept pouring water down the shower screen so she would lick it up; she hadn’t had water from her bowl for a day and a half at that point.   She thanked me for looking after her health by vomiting up the water onto the bedroom floor though.

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