One Month Old

It’s happened: my little bub Eskil turned one month old yesterday.  It seems both impossible he’s that old, yet impossible to remember life before he was born.

I don’t want him to grow up, but there’s already evidence he’s growing and changing.  He follows us with his eyes.  He is awake more often (but not very often) and is more alert when he is awake.  He smiles – yes, even when he doesn’t have gas.  He’s more coordinated.  He ‘eats’ more and more.  His weight and other measurements had all increased at his CHAPS nurse visits.  Last Friday he weighed 3.45 kilos (birth weight 3.185), his length was 52.5 cm (49.5 at birth), and his head circumference was 36.2 (34.5 cm at birth).

We know more about him.  He LOVES the bath.  He’s not so keen on having his nappy changed.  He LOVES kicking and stretching his arms and legs when he’s naked; often after a bath we put his change mat on the floor in the sun so he can do some nappy-free baby dancing.  Just like a true Cragg, he loves eating fast and hums to himself happily while doing so.  If he’s asleep and hears a loud noise, he suddenly throws his arms up above his head.  In his sleep he puts his hands in the strangest, but most adorable, positions.

Lottie gets on with him very well.  Mostly she’s just glad her people have suddenly seen the light and are home with her so much.  But she’s curious about Eskil.  She puts her nose on him often; I wonder what he thinks of this big beard that looms at him?  Lottie comes into his room for most of his middle-of-the-night feeds.  Sometimes when Eskil starts to stir and we haven’t woken up yet, Lottie will fret and go between us and his door.

Eskil has changed life around our house and added to our dialect:

  • ‘Costume change’ means something has escaped his nappy and his clothes need changing.  Some days he has quite a few costume changes!
  • ‘Suck suck’ means he’s hungry.
  • One of the strategies to deal with his painful gas is to put him in ‘leopard’ position (on his tummy along the ‘branch’ of his dad’s arm, like a leopard resting in a tree).
  • A ‘thumper’ is a VERY wet, but not pooey, nappy.  (It thumps when it hits the floor or goes into the bin.)
  • Eskil likes to sleep in an ‘angel suit’, a swaddle wrap that lets him keep his arms up near his face – which makes it look like he has wings.
  • We call him ‘rocket boy’ when, well, the sounds coming from his nappy sound like he’s jet propelled!

As always, there are a billion photos of Eskil up on Flickr, but here’s a sampling of some from his first month:

[slickr-flickr id=”[email protected]″ api key=”916a33914a83be0bcdfd314f95d72d55
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