Day 29: Californian Party Aftermath

This day was spent putting the balance of the universe to rights (ie. too much fun one day must be followed by not so much fun the next). 

Erik rose early to take Corri to the airport for her flight home so we missed saying goodbye to her as we were unconscious.  TS & Larry arrived and we spent the day quietly conversing around the table.  We went back to Kirigin Cellars late afternoon to find that most (ie. all) of the cleaning up had already been done by Maria, David, Mel & Judy.  Once again our thanks to you all.  We collected belongings, farewelled Mel & Judy who were off to San Francisco to see old friends (who hopefully wouldn’t work them as hard as we had) then Maria & David joined us (Scott, Disa, Erik, Mary, Erik Junior, TS, Larry) for dinner of tri tip, wine & wedding cake.