Bathroom Reno: Day 4

Another day of progress!  It’s looking much more like a room with the plasteboard up and floor looking better. 

As Horus noted in his comment for yesterday’s post, I’m using Autostich to put approximately 25 photos together at the end of each day.  Unfortunatley, as the walls improve Autostitch struggles a bit to make a photo.  It was much easier with all the boards and such to show it where photos joined!  I’ll have to get my female slave to play with it a bit more, but she’s not really up to it at the moment.

It was a fairly mixed day for me.  My female slave is home ill, so she was here to keep me company but didn’t play much.  And she’s being pathetic still now!  So that was rather dreary.  But on the good side, the thing I thought was a water torture basin has stacks of tiles inside it – it must just be a storage thing!  I can’t wait to start putting balls into it!

I think I should become a builder’s dog though – a great profession for me.  Just like me, they like cutting up bits of wood.  And I could really help out as they never seem to get it quite as small as I do.  But I have a talent for mulch.