Bathroom Reno: Day 1

Bathroom: Day 1Big things are happening here at Snuva HQ! As any of you who have been privileged enough to visit know, one of the rooms here seems especially designed to torture me. It has a big basin that they use to inflict funny smelling (non-muddy) water and soap upon me. The room is constantly freezing cold, so I really shiver when this happens. Plus the big basin and vanity are a horrible pink / apricot colour – which clashes with my new red collar. And I won’t even mention how it moulds – then HandsomeMan attacks the walls with horrible stuff that is just terrible on my sensitive nose.

Well, that’s all about to change. My friend Peter and his slave Stuart are sorting it all out for us! Today they rid the room of everything that was in there – including sections of the flooring. You wouldn’t believe the joy I felt when the bath left the house!

I can’t wait to see what they do next – they promised to be back at 8am (obviously entranced by me!). I don’t actually mind it the way it is – would make a good Schnauzer squash court!

There’s plenty more photos on my Flickr site!  Including ‘before’ photos.